Transcription Services:

Transcription performed in the USA!

Our transcription services utilize “state-of-the-art” HIPAA secure infrastructure for medical dictation and transcription technology. Combined with American medical transcriptionists with more than 18 years business experience in the health services industry.

Secure online storage and 24/7 access to medical transcription using our web-enabled technologies, provides end-to-end solutions for medical dictation, transcription documentation management from any location 24/7.

Time is of the essence to the diagnosis and care of each patient. Our network is designed to deliver the fastest turnaround time and quality medical documentation in a cost efficient manner. Our staff comprises of extremely meticulous medical transcriptionists that have extensive experience in medical transcription of each specialty.  We pride ourselves on providing and applying the highest level of skill, intelligence and integrity to every document.

  • Major cost savings on document management throughout your facility.

  • Extreme efficiency and security of electronic medical records, including electronic signature.

  • 6 hour turnaround (less for STAT).

  • Secure sharing of completed documents with referring and cc physicians, as well as your coding and billing departments to speed up your DNFB.

  • HIPAA compliant electronic transmissions for your facility’s secure dictations and documentation.

  • Toll-Free phone access, PDA or digital handheld recorder direct into our system secure network.

  • Secure off-site storage of your voice and text files (Disaster Recovery).

  • Complete secure searchable electronic medical record archiving, via the Internet (Cloud).

  • Knowledgeable, experienced medical and technical support staff.

Electronic Medical Records

  • Audio file archive

  • Transcribed text file archive

  • Advanced search module based on file attributes like date of dictation, date of transcription, patient name, patient id, admit date, referring physician, report number, report type, etc.

  • File tagging (HL-7)

  • Electronic Signature

  • Data redundancy and security

Security and confidentiality of data is of utmost importance we  provide solutions that are compliant with the laws and regulations set by various healthcare agencies including HIPAA and HCFA.  Our Platform has 128-bit SSL encryption technology or better. (secure web-based data retrieval).